TANNHÄUSER Wagner, Richard

First edition published cooperatively by C.F. Meser and A. Fürstner; reproduced using lithographic process. On title page: Als Manuscript von der Handschrift des Componisten auf Stein gedruckt. Der Besitz dieses Exemplars giebt nur dann ein Recht zur öffentlichen Aufführung der Oper; wenn ein besondere nachweisliche Einigung mit dem Componisten vorangegangen ist. Consists of original Dresden version of final scenes from page 431-450 replaced by manuscript copied by Carl Mehner which comprises revised ending which includes choral passage for young pilgrims. 43th of 100 copies originally produced. Includes performance annotations and other markings in various colored crayons, pencil and inks, some possibly added at composer’s request, and some ascribed to his hand.