SUITE POUR LE PIANO, OP. 8 Milhaud, Darius

Holograph in black ink. Movements signed or initialed at end by composer and dedicated to Georgette [i.e. Youra] Guller, Henri Cliquet, R.C. de F. [Roger de Fontenay], Céline Laguarde [i.e. Lagouarde] and [Jean Wiéner] respectively. Includes markings, crossed-out passages, and other alterations throughout, some in green ink. Places and dates of composition indicated at ends of each movement, the 1st movement composed in Paris, 30 avril 1913, the remainder at L’Enclos, the family home of the Milhauds near Aix-en-Provence on 7 août 1913, 13-14 août 1913, 1er sept. 1913 and 6 sept. 1913. Includes inscription on top right corner of title page in black ink: Ma chère Georgette. Je vous donne ce manuscrit en souvenir du 24 Mars 1914, Bruxelle, Darius Milhaud.


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