Franz Schubert: Der Gondelfahrer for men's solo voices and piano, arranged for solo piano by Franz Liszt.

Corrected copyist’s manuscript of Liszt’s transcription of Der Gondelfahrer by Schubert, signed (F.Liszt) at the end. The Stichvorlage, revised throughout by Liszt in red ink, red crayon, blue crayon, and pencil, with last page entirely in Liszt's hand, the final page entirely autograph, with a revised shorter ending to the work written on a separate slip of paper, pasted onto the last page (the rest of the page deleted in crayon), and inscribed by the composer on the title (Männes Quartett von F.Schubert für Pianoforte transcribirt von F.Liszt). Projected publisher's plate number at bottom of title page in composer's hand: 35682.


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