Franz Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma, for piano (based on opera by Vincenzo Bellini)

Manuscript substantially by copyist, with extensive passages and alterations in Liszt's hand; original title page by copyist crossed-out and rewritten by composer in pencil. Signed “F.Liszt.” Prepared by Liszt and a scribe, working in tandem, the scribe breaking off for passages to be written out by the composer himself, and with many additional passages written by Liszt on inserted leaves (including six pages entirely autograph), between the staves and on paper pasted into the score, notated in dark ink on up to four systems per page, each of two (occasionally four) staves. Includes revisions, deletions, and corrections throughout in black ink and red crayon. Also includes annotations by Liszt to the printer in pencil (“Während den Seiten 27, 28, und 29 meiner 2 kleine Zeilen leer lassen zu ossia più facile”), with casting-off marks by printer in pencil and the edition number on the title. Projected publication plate number 7416 marked in black ink at bottom of title page indicating probable use as Stichvorlage for early Schott edition.


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