LIEDERBUCH FÜR CECILE M.B. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix

Holograph in black ink of initial 17 works, with 8 additional manuscripts in other hands, including composer’s sister Rebecka Lejeune Dirichlet, following. Collection chiefly of songs for medium or high voice and piano compiled and written out as Christmas gift for composer’s wife, with 6th work originally for vocal duet and piano, here arranged for solo voice and piano. Also includes 1 complete (20th work) and 2 fragmentary pieces for piano (23rd and 25th works) and chorale prelude for three unspecified instruments based on chorale melody Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’, with canonic accompaniment (24th work). Includes occasional annotations, corrections, and deletions in pencil and black ink in composer’s hand. Bound in white cardboard decorated with color floral designs drawn by composer within embossed borders on covers. Front cover marked in blue ink superimposed on faded brown ink: Cécile Weinachten 1845.
Auf dem Wasser
Minnelied (op. 47, no. 1)
Suleika (op. 57, no. 3)
Morgengruss (op. 47, no. 2)
Der Blumenstrauß (op. 47, no. 2)
Volkslied (op. 63, no. 5; arranged)
Frühlingslied (op. 47, no. 3)
Morgenlied (op. 86, no. 2) Venetianisches Gondellied : rendez vous (op. 57, no. 5
Fahrwohl! (op. 99, no. 5)
In dem Wald (op. 57, no. 1)
Tröstung (op. 71, no. 1)
Rheinisches Volkslied (op. 57, no. 4)
Der Mond (op. 86, no. 5)
Auf der Wanderschaft (op. 71, no. 5) Nachtlied (op. 71, no. 6)
Frühlingslied (op. 71, no. 2)
Die Waldfrau
Die Liebende schreibt (op. 86, no. 3)
Kinderstück (op. 102, no. 5)
Der Eichwald
Allo. con moto
Canon in dem Album der Frau von Nada – Fuga.


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