LA VIE PARISIENNE Offenbach, Jacques

Holograph, signed, in brown and black ink. Opera in five acts, including original fourth act and alternative materials used in performances up to and including the 1873 revival (in 4 acts) performed at the Théâtre des Variétés, Paris. Contains sketches and rejected materials; some passages include piano reduction at bottom of pages. In 46 mostly unpaginated fascicles, roughly corresponding to individual musical numbers. Acts and musical number titles inscribed on front pages of each fascicle in ink and often additionally in pencil, with several instances of composer’s initials appended. Inscriptions in pencil are primarily in German. Includes corrections, annotations, optional musical cuts, deletions and other alterations in black or brown ink, green or blue crayon, with some orchestration indicated by instructions to repeat bars. Sketched passages sometimes include only vocal line.


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