Holograph in black ink. Consists of sketches for unfinished symphony in C minor and for versions of piano works related to Impromptus über ein Thema von Clara Wieck, op. 5 and Albumblätter, op. 124. Includes two extensive continuity drafts for work titled on caption of 1st, shorter draft: Burla 1. Fandango. Also includes brief sketches for works designated as Burla 1, 2 and 3, the second and third of which are early versions of music appearing in definitive form in the Albumblätter, op. 124, no. 12 and no. 13. Two pages of skeletal sketches for a symphony and additional drafts for piano based on the working out of the motto theme from Impromptus über ein Thema von Clara Wieck, op. 5 complete the collection of sketches. Includes autograph alterations and other markings primarily in black ink. Symphony sketches in score format with bar lines in red crayon, instrumentation designated.


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