Franz Liszt: Ballade for piano, no. 2 in B minor

Holograph in black ink. A working manuscript on up to twelve staves per page, containing an extended final Presto section (pages 15-17), not in the first edition, and with extensive revisions, including additional music written on inserted leaves of blue paper, or on slips of paper pasted into the score and extensive passages deleted with orange crayon; Liszt’s autograph title-page also contains sketches by Edvard Reményi, notated in pencil on eleven staves. Differs in detail from first printed ed. and includes ending corresponding to Zweiter Schluss in edition by Rena Charnin Mueller and Ernst-Günter Heinemann published as: Balladen / Franz Liszt. München : G. Henle, c1996. Sole surviving autograph of work.


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