Franz Liszt: Années de pèlerinage, 3e année. Sunt lacrymae rerum

Manuscript by copyist serving as Stichvorlage for publication, with title page in Liszt's hand in violet ink. Notated in black on four systems per page, a working manuscript in places, corrected by Liszt throughout, including revised ending of nine bars with other autograph music written on a slip of blue paper laid into the score (page 5), many tempo and pedal markings Title page: (“Pilger Jahr annees de Pelerinage/‘Sunt lacrymae rerum’”), the title and dedication written by Liszt above the music (“Sunt lacrymae Rerum’ (in ungarischer Weise…an Hans von Bulow”), and his deletions and corrections in orange crayon; the music preceded by a leaf containing a partly-erased autograph beginning for piece no. 7 [‘Sursum Corda’], with Liszt’s marking “Andante Maestoso […]” the numbering “VII” corrected by him to “V.”


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